A 10-minute walk from JR Nagasaki Station

Right in front of the Goto-machi tram stop

The station, sea, and stores are all nearby

 Perfect location for shopping, sightseeing, and getting around town

from 'Goto-machi(五島町)' tram stop (1 min walk)

🚃 'Goto-machi' tram stop

🚶 Cross the street towards the sea (and gas station)

🚶 Turn left at 'JA cafe AGRI+'

🚶 Go past the medical building

🚶 Find the flower shop at the corner, and the school uniform shop 'Uni Nagasaki'

🚶 Go up the stairs on the left to the uniform shop

from JR Nagasaki Station (10 min walk)

🚅 JR Nagasaki Station ticket gate

🚶 Through the East Gate, head for the public square

🚶 Go past 'Family Mart' and 'Hotel New Nagasaki'

🚶 Cross the street continuing in the same direction

🚶 Walk along the big road with tram line for about 2 minute (to the south) 

from Nagasaki Airport (40 min bus ride)

✈️ Nagasaki Airport

🚌 Nagasaki Airport Limousine bus (40 min ride)

'via Dejima Road (for Nagasaki Station)' → Get off at 'Goto-machi (五島町)'

🚶 1 min walk


🚌 Nagasaki Airport Limousine bus (60 min ride)

'via Showa-machi (for Nagasaki Station)' → Get off at 'Nagasaki Station'

🚶 5 min walk

Nagasaki Airport Limousine : Reservations are not accepted, One way is 1,200JPY,  IC cards are accepted

Time table : From Nagasaki Airport  To Nagasaki Airport

from Fukuoka Airport (2 h 20 min bus ride)

✈️ Fukuoka Airport

🚌 Inter-Terminal Shuttle Bus

Move to the International terminal bus stop

🚌 Kyushu Express bus 'Kyushu-go (九州号)' (2 h 20 min)

'Fukuoka International Terminal' → Get off at 'Nagasaki Station'

🚶 6 min walk

Kyushu-go (九州号) : Reservation required, One way is 2,900JPY (round trip tickets or a set of 4 tickets can be bought at a discount), IC cards are accepted

By car and Motorbike

🚗 Kyushu Expressway Nagasaki I.C → Nagasaki Dejima Road (ながさき出島道路)

🚗 Local roads (2 min drive)