Hostel Casa Noda


All rooms Harbor view

Only 1 min from Goto-machi tram stop

Come let the harbor winds blow your worries away

 I once traveled the Amazon river for six months

At first, I was puzzled by how time there

seemed to slow down,

but over time it began to feel like home

 On the western edge of Japan,

located next to Nagasaki’s beautiful harbor

sits Casa Noda

In our lounge you too can experience the slow,

relaxing flow of time like on the Amazon

With a large window overlooking the tram

and a view of Mt. Inasa,

our hostel is designed to stir the imagination

of fellow travelers and guests

Speaking of the Amazon River,

no trip there is complete without a hammock!

After buying a ticket and boarding the ship,

everyone picks a place and puts up their hammock

By the time it sets sail,

the breezy ship is lined with an array of colorful hammocks

When the ship rocks,

you bump into your neighbor,

but no one pays any mind

Spending days swaying in time with Mother Nature,

you begin to feel as one with the world at large

One of the most beautiful night views in Japan

Home to the over 150 islands that make up the Goto archipelago

A unique culture with strong Western and Eastern influences

A history of prayer that endured through

religious persecution and the atomic bombings


These unique features do not exist separately,

but overlap and blend together to shape

the many places and faces of Nagasaki

Multi-faceted Nagasaki is now also

home to the liberating feeling of the far-off Amazon

We have twin rooms with beautiful sunset and night views

The spacious dormitories overlook the tram lines

Each room is designed for your comfort and enjoyment


Living room

A view of the harbor contrasts beautifully with the green plants lining the room. An exotic atmosphere welcomes travelers from all over


Want to cook while traveling?

Nagasaki is a treasure trove of ingredients. Use our kitchen to enjoy the local fare to your heart's content

Located in Bay Area between Nagasaki Station and Dejima

An excellent location with a view of the harbor

Most tourist attractions are within a 20-minute walk

A 10-minute walk from JR Nagasaki Station

A 5-minute walk from the ferry terminal

30 seconds away from the Goto-machi tram and bus stops